Thursday, August 6, 2015

House Progress

Mr. Cherry has been keeping busy with home updates in the last few weeks. We finally got the entryway textured and painted. Phew! Now we just need to add in some decor and put the trim back up once we get flooring in. Mr. Cherry took on the texturing himself. He truly is a do-it-yourselfer, for better or worse. It took a bit of learning. Also renting a bit more powerful air compressor. Now he is all set to tackle all of the other walls that will need to be textured in the house.

(Right honey?) We ended up painting it a light grey from Valspar called Basket of Bobbins. I really like how it looks in there. It works well with the blue in the neighboring dinning room and looks so fresh next to the yellowish walls in the hall. I am thinking of bringing the grey into the hall and living room, but maybe lightening it a bit. We also replaced the dated light fixture and doorbell. We went with this light fixture from Home Depot and really like it. We are thinking of actually buying another and putting it in the dinning room.
He also changed out the sink and cupboard in our small bathroom. This room only has a toilet and sink, yet the sink took up lots of property. Also the faucet was hard for the girls to turn on and off. We started by looking at just replacing the faucet for the time being, but decided on changing the entire fixture and sink.

We found a great low profile fixture at Menards. The difference is amazing. The room feels so much bigger and more usable. Also the kids can wash up in there so much more easily now. (The sink is low, but that works for us in this room. I don't think you would want a sink this low in a regular bathroom, but for a washroom it is perfect. There also isn't a counter, but it works for us in this situation.) As long as the sink was out, Mr. Cherry also removed the duck wall paper that graced the walls since it only cost 23 cents to mail a letter.

The walls are now a lovely shade of bright 70s green with a coating of wallpaper paste over the top. I will be getting in there and scrubbing the walls ASAP. We would also like to change out the mirror and lighting in this bathroom and eventually change the flooring. It will be a pretty easy overhaul with a big impact.
And the final project off the list is hanging the patio lights I had bought this spring. I knew that I wanted to add some sort of ambiance lighting to our covered patio since we moved in. I had done some online shopping for a larger bulb string of lights. Then I found just what I was looking for at Shopko this spring. I wanted to let Mr. Cherry hang them because those jobs are better left to his attention than mine.

 I tend to slap things up just to get the job done. He takes his time and does it right. (We work well together.) We ended up stringing the four sets just below the ceiling around the outer walls. The soft lighting is perfect for hanging out on a summer's night. (That is until the mosquitoes come and carry you away.)
It feels good to be getting some home projects off the list. Everyday our house feels more and more like us.

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