Thursday, August 13, 2015

Shortcake 18 months!

This little man celebrates his 1.5 year birthday today!! It is so hard to believe how much he has grown in the last 18 months. From our sweet and gentle little babe in arms to our sweet and adventuring little man. There is just something about this little man that grabs tight at my heart. He is a perfect mix of sweet and energy.

Since he mastered the art of walking after his first birthday, there is no slowing him down. He is determined to see the world and learn all about it (mainly through the sense of touch and taste.)
He is also a great communicator. Through words and signs he gets his point across the majority of the time.

While his sisters really do love him, I hear repeatedly to "keep him away from our stuff!!" Just doing his best at being a little brother. He loves them as well and is so eager to join in on their play and fun.
We are so blessed to call Shortcake our own. We praise the Lord for adding him to our family!

**All photos taken by Home Grown Photography**