Monday, August 10, 2015

Weekend In the Rearview

The weeks are simply flying by right now. It seems like we just had a weekend. Not altogether a bad problem, just boggling to the mind at times.
We had no big plans for the weekend, but managed to fill it in with some family time as well as getting some things crossed off the to-do list. (More Mr. Cherry than me. His to-do list seems to be a mile long these says without shortening up. I guess it keeps him out of trouble and from getting bored.)

I have been trying to make an effort at getting out and exploring new areas and events in our area lately. There is nothing wrong with our usual haunts, but it is fun to see what else is all out there. The kids and I hit up a store downtown that we have been meaning to go to and then did some exploring on trails around the river. There are some awesome houses in this area. I love seeing all of the different  areas and characteristics of the era the neighborhoods were developed.

We snuck downtown again on Saturday and took in some boat races as well as the farmers' market.
We made it to early service for church on Sunday. We usually play it by ear. If we are up and ready we head to the early service and if not we go to late. It is nice to have a few extra hours of our day if we can make it to early.

Cream and I hit the town in the afternoon to run some errands. It is so good getting one-on-one time with each kiddo. Also a bonus to only have to get one child in and out of a car seat and in and out of stores.

We were supposed to go to a swim party Sunday evening, but it was canceled due to rain and thunderstorms. The girls were disappointed, so we fixed it with some ice cream.
Cream and Shortcake also enjoyed playing in our Puddle Jumpers.

There you have it. Our weekend. Spending time as a family and enjoying our home and city! What were you up to this weekend?

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