Wednesday, August 19, 2015

WIP {Work In Progress} Wednesday

The finished product!

Today I actually have a completed project to share with you. With the help of my mom, I was able to get a project completed in part of a day. (Who am I kidding, with little of my help, my mom finished this  for me!)
I forgot to take a picture before we started. I thought I would be able to find a picture, but I think I always cropped it out of pictures because I didn't like how it looked. No longer!

Ever since Peachy was a baby, we had a glider rocker that my parents handed down to us. And ever since we inherited that chair I have been meaning to recover it. The forest green upholstery fabric screamed the 90s. However, the project intimidated me and so, I never got it done.
Last I decided to look at the fabric store and see what I could find to finally put that chair out of its misery. It was meant to be, as I found an upholstery fabric that I really liked that happened to be on sale for less than $6/yd. I bought three yards and then texted my mom to see if she would be willing to help me out when they came the following weekend. (I will let you guess what her answer was?)
This was a very easy project as the cushions were attached with snaps. We decided to get rid of the old fabric, which only required ripping out three seems on the back cushion. We used the existing foam and created a pattern from it. We decided to go with a box type of construction.
I am thinking I might add a few covered buttons to the back to pull it tight and add some visual interest. Any guesses as to how long that project will languish on the to-do list?

We did have to do a little tweaking once it was all sewn up to fit the fabric a little to the foam. I am completely happy with the change. It is amazing what a change a little bit of fabric can make! (And lots of help from my mom.)