Friday, August 7, 2015

Pinterest Eye Candy {Part 1}

It is no secret that I love Pinterest. I have been drinking the Pinterest Kool Aid since the beginning. (Remember when you had to wait to get an account?) I have 81 boards ranging from home decor to recipes to parenting. Every once in a while though, I find a pin that I just love, but have no where to put it. It may be a home decorating idea that is just awesome, but not for a room in our house. Or a craft project that rocks my socks, but I don't have the ability to create. I hate to lose a great idea, so I created a board for these rogue pins. Who knows, maybe someday I will have the perfect use for them! In the meantime, I will gorge myself on the deliciousness of the Pinterest Candy.
I have decided to occasionally share some of these pins with you, because you are my friend and caring is sharing! Maybe they will inspire you or brighten your day!
Today I will share some of the crafty projects that I just can't bring myself to tackle.
Amy from the blog momADVICE shared these darling knitted coffee cozies! I don't do any needle work. I have too many other hobbies going, but these cozies almost make me want to pick up some knitting needles. Go and check them out!
Another grouping of needle work projects! All of the hoops shared in this collection on the website Acaixdaestefi are so beautiful and inspiring. I wish I could read the site to learn more about them. These constellation hoops are so cool. Go and see the rest!
I am such a fan of all types of bunting. Big buntings, mini buntings, paper buntings, tape buntings, fabric buntings! They are all awesome! These crochet edge buntings from the blog SillyOldSuitcase are what actually started this board. I just couldn't not pin them. In fact, the entire blog is filled with sweet pictures and fun projects.
There you have it friends. A bit of sunshine inspiration and for your day. I hope you enjoyed it!

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