Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Accessory Organization

Before Shortcake's birth, one of my to-do items was to organize our master bedroom a bit. Since we keep our baby's in our room for the first few months, we would be adding extra things and I wanted it all to be a bit more organized. So, while these two projects aren't all that earth shattering, I really like the order that they created with the added bonus of easy accessibility.

The first target area was my jewelry. Up to this point it had all been stored in some reclaimed antique cupboards (seen in the picture below) and while I loved the look, it was hard to keep organized and get at all of my necklaces.
I searched the internet looking for ideas and while I loved many of them, we just don't have a ton of space and I really didn't have the time to take on a huge project at that point. I did some looking around and found my solution in these key hooks from Target.
Threshold 4-Hook Key Rail in Vintage Walnut/Soft Iron
Since we didn't want to put a bunch of holes in the wall, we hung them with Command Small Picture Hanging Strips. Love Command products!
Now all of my necklaces are neat and tidy, easy to get at, and they look pretty on our wall.

The second accessory to take on were my scarves. Before this project they were neatly organized in a pile on the closet floor. Okay, not so nice and not so convenient. So, I bought an inexpensiveng curtain rod, which we hung on our closet wall. Once again, neat and tidy, easy to get at, and they look pretty on our wall.

Like I said, nothing earth shattering, but some easy and fun ways to organize!


  1. I love your scarves. Where do you find them? I also may have a scarf addiction...

    1. Thanks! I get them all over the place. Most recently, though, I have gotten some through Group Dealz, an online daily deal site. I also get some at Old Navy. And of course, make some!