Wednesday, May 7, 2014

May: I'm Loving It

Another month of loves heading your way!
1) Melissa and Doug Triangle Crayons: I love pretty much all Melissa and Doug products. The company makes high quality toys and children's items that have universal appeal. A while back we got our first set of Melissa and Doug crayons and we loved them to death! I love that they are triangular so they don't roll all over the place. They are a great hard crayon that isn't easy to break. The hard case is so much more durable and user friendly than the cardboard box others crayons come in. Well worth the investment in my opinion. We just purchased our second set, this time going with the 24 pack.
2) Keen Sandals for Kids: While these sandals are an investment, I love them for the summer months. Heck, the girls are even wearing theirs already. Cream's feet tend toward the stinky side. And I found that the cheaper summer sandals didn't do her feet or our noses any favors. But Keens last all summer without the stench. I grab a pair for each of the girls when I see them on sale, usually on Zulily.
3) Garage Sale Season!: I love garage sale season. There is just something about being on a hunt for a good deal that makes me happy. This weekend I was able to get two bags of name brand clothes for Shortcake to wear in the future. I also got a few items for Peachy. When you can get things for a dollar a piece, you can't go wrong!

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