Monday, May 5, 2014

Screen Free Week Activities

Did you know that this week is designated as Screen Free Week? This year I decided that our household would be participating for a couple of different reasons. While we don't let the girls spend too much time in front of screens, it is probably more than what I ever thought that our children would. We stream a show or watch a video almost everyday. Peachy also gets to go on the computer some days to play preschool games online. I would like to be a bit more aware of when the screen goes on for our children. Maybe not always go to it when we hit a rough patch in our day. Secondly, I also want to be aware of my screen time. Mr. Cherry and I really don't watch much tv, but I do use a computer or tablet a lot throughout the day. While sometimes it is a good use, many times I am just on a device wasting time. I have decided that this week I will only check my email a couple of times a day and try not to spend much more time in front of a screen. We will see how our week goes and I will get back to you next week.
In the meantime, here are some ideas for activities that don't involve a screen for you to try.
1) Play Dough: Whether you make your own, or use store bought, play dough can be a great activity for many ages.
2) Go to the library: Check out some new books and enjoy reading them this week.
3) Go to a new playground
4) Paint with water: You can do this outside on the driveway or sidewalk or inside on construction paper.
5) Color Walk: Walk around your neighborhood and see if you can find all of the colors of the rainbow.
6) Grass Heads: Plant some grass seed in a cup and decorate it like a head.
7) Pom Pom Tubes: Tape up some paper towel tubes and send pom poms through them.
8) Yard Clean Up: Go out into the yard and see what kind of garbage you can pick up.
9) Blow bubbles
10) Dye Noodles: Dye pasta noodles in a solution of rubbing alcohol and food dye. Enjoy playing with them in lots of different ways.
11) Play with pipe cleaners: Pipe cleaners are a super fun fine motor builder. Try having your child make shapes with them or put them through the holes of a colander.
12) Make a card: Get out the stickers, markers, and paper and make a greeting card to send to someone.
13) Toy Cars: Tape a line of painters tape on the floor for a road for toy cars.
14) Bike Wash: Get out the bikes, a bucket of water, and some sponges. Let the kids wash their bikes.
15) Paint Rocks: Bring home some rocks from a walk and paint them. You can see if the kids can make them look like animals or other objects.

There are lots of ideas out there. What do you do for screen free time in your house?

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  1. Some awesome ideas here, Kristi! Paint with water is my go-to when they're so bored and need something to do...there's pretty much nothing that I don't let them paint!