Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Up Cycled Animals

In this post I will describe some of the process that goes into the up-cycled friends available in my Etsy shop, kiki b omi designs. You can see the friends that are currently available in my shop.
A few years ago I was applying to enter a totally awesome craft fair here in the area. It is a coveted fair to get into with a very indie vibe. I knew that I would need something special in order to make the cut and get a booth. And that is when my line of up-cycled stuffed animals were born! When I come across used clothing, whether from my closet, a garage sale, or a thrift store, I often see the potential for a new creation. For example, when I found a rust colored plaid shirt, I knew it would be perfect for a fox.
I paired it with a vintage handkerchief I had on hand and Gloria the Fox was born. I have been hanging onto a pink chenille bedspread for years. Recently I got brave and cut into it to make some of my up-cycled pigs.
This is Compass. I made him for a custom order. The customer wanted brown and teal for the shirt and tie. I just so happened to have a brown and teal plaid skirt that I was going to get rid of that I knew would make the perfect shirt for the fair hog.
And just like that, we have ourselves a fun and unique newly up-cycled friend! Since the customer already had a name in mind, I didn't have to come up with a name for this one, but that really is one of my favorite parts of the creation process. Each friend comes with a perfectly selected name to match their personalities.
Sometimes the choice is obvious, like this camo puppy names Hunter. Other times it takes a little more creative thinking on my part.
I don't always know where the names come from, like this gingham cutie named Domino. But usually it just comes to me and seems to fit. I love making each of my creations unique. There is something so fulfilling about creating individual items rather than mass producing.
Eventually you end up with an awesome cast of characters like these!

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