Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Trip Out East

The girls playing at the farm my father grew up on.

The kiddos and I loaded up the van last week and headed out on a 570 mile trip. Although Mr. Cherry couldn't make it, I did pick up my mom 250 miles into the trip as my shotgun and extra set of hands. I have to admit that my expectations were set pretty low.
Enjoying a rhubarb snack.
Spending the large part of two days in a vehicle to get there and then not having much of a schedule while there wasn't looking too promising to this momma.
Playing "Pooh Sticks" with dandelions in a creek.
And you know what? My kiddos far exceeded my expectations. They rode fairly well in the van. They functioned happily on less sleep. And they survived three church like services in the matter of a day and a half. Thank goodness for all of the family and friends that helped out! However, it is good to be back in our own home and in our own beds!
Auntie and Uncle snuggles!

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