Tuesday, February 11, 2014

February: I'm Loving It

Another month, another list of some of my current favorites.
1) The 2014 Olympic Games: I LOVE the Olympics. They are my sporting event. In our house we didn't even tune into the super bowl at all this year, but you better believe we have been tuning in to ever moment we can of Olympic coverage. Here is a fun little fact, my husband proposed to me during the 2004 Olympic opening ceremony.
2) Juice Cubes: In true Kristi fashion, I avoided jumping on the Candy Crush bandwagon. It always takes me a little time to warm up to new trends and I don't like to do something just because everyone else is. Well, a few weeks ago, I stayed home from church with a sick Peachy. While she napped on the couch I downloaded the game Juice Cubes to my Nexus. Apparently, Juice Cubes is just another version of Candy Crush, and I can say that I have a bit of an addiction. This is odd for me since I am not a gamer by any means. I figure it will give me something to do during those late night baby sessions.
3) Sherlock: I have always love the Sherlock books. I have read a few of the originals, thanks to being an English concentrate in college and I also like reading the Laurie King series. This summer we started streaming the BBC modern adaptation of Sherlock and we both loved it! We quickly made our way through the first two seasons. (Not all that hard being each season is three hour and a half episodes.) And now have been catching season three as well.
4) Resin Cheese Knife: Have you ever used one of these cheese knives? At first glance they don't seem like all that much, but once you use them and realize how nicely they cut, you will be a convert. I actually had used one at my parents' house and a friend's house, but didn't have my own until I received one at Christmas. Try it, you will like it! Here is a link on Amazon, but I know you can get it many other places.

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  1. I think I'd better try the cheese knife, since I'm a big fan of the Olympics, I'm oddly addicted to Bejeweled Blitz, and we LOVE Sherlock, too.