Friday, February 28, 2014

Homemade (Yummy) Crescent Rolls

There you are, innocently trolling Pinterest, when a pin grabs you and won't let go. That happened to me last weekend. Supper was in the crockpot, I wouldn't have had to do anything but cook the veggies before we ate. Instead, I found myself making crescent rolls from scratch. Why? Because the picture in the pin looked so good. (And the best part is, that I had already pinned the recipe!) Like so good that we wouldn't be able to enjoy supper without them. And the results? They were delicious. You know those crescents you can buy in the can are okay. They serve their purpose of quick and easy, but if you really want a crescent, try this recipe! Head on over to Nome Made Recipes for the details!


  1. I love crescent rolls but never buy them because of all the extra ingredients. Going to try these!!

    1. You will love them! Another good thing about this recipe, is that it makes 32 rolls. We ate some with our meal, and froze two more batches.