Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New Handmade Diaper Bag

It is no secret, I love bags. I may have quite the collection of handmade bags around the house. I have a hard time saying no, when I know I can make one just the way I like it with fabric I love. When I had Peachy, my mom made my diaper bag. With Cream, I used an online tutorial to make one for myself. (You can read about it here.) This time, I purchased the Watermelon Wishes Zip Top Diaper Bag pattern off of Etsy. I had fun choosing the fabric at a new modern fabric store in town. I went with my newest favorite color combination of grey and citron. (Sorry, I don't remember the names of the fabrics.)

I love how this bag turned out, with the exception of the zipper. The first time I followed the pattern directions, but wasn't thrilled with how it turned out. I redid it on my own and now am finding it a bit short. I plan on redoing it and leaving some zipper on each end of the inset.
The snaps on the sides are great for making the bag a little bigger or a bit more streamlined, depending on how much you have inside. The numerous pockets and bottle holders are also a great feature. I love a bag with lots of pockets. (Store bought bags rarely have enough!)
Also, the pattern has an awesome way of accenting the outer packets by leaving about a quarter of an inch of lining peaking out at the top. A super simple touch that ads a big impact.


  1. I love this bag! The shape and colors are awesome. And I think it's so fun to have a new diaper bag for a new baby - I used the same one with Tom and Nell and it was ragged so I bought a new one for #3 and can't wait to tote it around.

    1. Thanks, Emily. I used it for the first time at church on Sunday and it was kind of like having a new toy! :o)