Wednesday, February 26, 2014

When You Bring Home Your Newest Addition To Your Family

When you bring home the newest addition to your family . . .
Peachy looks a foot taller than before Shortcake arrived.

1) The older children will seem ten times bigger than when you left for the hospital.
2) The older children will seem as loud as a heard of elephants, with monkeys on their backs.
3) You will change so many little diapers, you may forget how to change the bigger ones.
Cream raided the play jewelry and put it ALL on.

4) Your older children may find new and not so amusing ways to entertain themselves such as, cutting their hair, playing with used printer cartridges, and emptying an entire boxes of Kleenex when they are supposed to be napping.
5) You may have to tell the older children to be gentle 100 times a day.
6) You may want to make the older children wear full hazmat suits to avoid infecting the baby with their cold germs.
7) Any item for the baby will instantly become a new toy for the older children. And the dolls and accessories will become an overnight sensation.

8) Your older children will amaze you with what they are all capable of doing on their own.
This is how Cream dressed herself one morning. Complete with buttoned cardigan on backward.

9) Your older children will amaze you as to what they can't do without you anymore.
10) You will find more love in your heart than you ever thought possible.


  1. You make me laugh. Love the backwards cardigan, maybe it's a new style. xo

    1. Yes, we will have to see when it catches on. Perhaps we all should try it out.