Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Peachy at 4 Years and 9 Months

I know this must happen to every parent, but there are times I look at my oldest blessing and can't help but wonder how on earth she got to be so big. With so much personality of her own. And able to do so much! I really have a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that she will be going to school next year. How did the time come for that already?

Peachy continues to grow in so many ways. Firstly, in height. She just keeps getting taller and taller. She wears a size 6 in most things. Do you know what that means? She is no longer in the little girl section. Yikes!

Her growth in learning is also amazing to me. She has a firm grasp on numbers and loves playing with them. Adding and subtracting. Always telling us the temperature as we drive in the van. She also is really starting to put her letter sounds together and sound words out. I bought her some level one readers for Christmas and she loves to tell people that she can read them. (Not quite on her own yet, but she does with help.) She also loves to sound words out that she sees around. I love that she is gaining confidence and well on her way to becoming a reader.

And then there is her little faith in God. She loves going to Sunday school, reading her children's Bibles, and listening to and singing Christian songs. Here is a funny story of her understanding church. We were talking about how their is our church and then there are other churches. She knows that we believe in Jesus as our Savior and she was trying to figure out what other churches believe in. She decided that there are churches that believe in Jesus and then churches that believe in Santa, since we don't in our family. Ha!

As always, she loves to create. That girl doesn't go a day without using her art supplies. And her play usually involves elaborate set ups and story lines.

She is so excited for the baby to come, too. She has been happily telling people how long it is until the baby's arrival. She will even tell them that she came one day early and that Cream came really late. (6 days, so long.) I am excited to see her in the biggest sister position.

Peachy is such a blessing to our family. She has such a pleasant personality and usually has a smile on her face. I am constantly amazed by the awesome little person that the Lord has given us in our first born.


  1. She is not almost 5, is she? So crazy how time goes so fast. She's gotten so big!

  2. Wow, can't believe that she'll be 5 this year. I totally agree about the blessing of a kid who can do so many things - I was sick a few weeks ago and asked T to do something - I can't remember what - for Nell, and he just got up, did it, and went back to doing his thing. Your peachy is so sweet - hope that she's loving being a big sister for the 2nd time, too!

    1. I know! I had no problem with her turning 1 through three, but now that we are nearing 5, I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around it. She is turning out to be quite a good little helper.