Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Some Great Matryoshka Creations

So, if you saw my post yesterday, you know that my Matryoshka obsession hasn't yet ended. There is just something so fun and whimsical about the Russian nesting dolls. Here are a few Matryoshka items that have me drooling on Etsy right now.
1) Wood Block Printed Russian Nesting Dolls from Laura Frisk
2) Babushka Nesting Doll Sterling Silver Necklace from Fingerprince
3) Personalized Wooden Nesting Doll Puzzle Set from manzanitakids
4) Modern Matryoshka Inspirational Print from moderngenes

If you love these items, you should check out the remaining items on the Matryoshka treasury on Etsy.

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  1. Also, I've noticed these are becoming trendy again. I actually had them on my list of ideas for bank check designs at work (my new job is designing checks). I think they would be so cute on checks!