Thursday, January 23, 2014

Baby Countdown

Time is such a funny thing. At the beginning of this pregnancy, a month seemed to take forever. Here we are with only a month to go and time seems to be flying! I knew the end would be fairly quick, due to the focus being on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Now I see that to be true. People ask if I am ready for the baby and I really have to laugh. I am so much more laid back this time around. With Peachy we got the entire nursery ready.

 (You can read about it here and here.) While we were awaiting Cream's arrival, we changed it to a nursery/big girl room. (You can read about that here.)
And for the third, you ask? So far the extent of our planning is hauling the baby items to the front of our storage area and purchasing a bunk bed for the girls' room. At this point, Shortcake will be living in our closet indefinitely. (We always start out with the newborns in our closet. The other two bedrooms are on a different floor and we have found that keeping the new baby close by helps us to spend more time sleeping and less time tripping down the stairs. You can read about Peachy's stay in our closet here.)
I have also purchased a few items for bringing baby home. This sweet, sweet hat from sweetbabydolly on Etsy.

This darling knit jumpsuit from Target:
And I am hoping to make these shoes from a pattern I purchased from twirlybirdpatterns on Etsy.

I think that we have also found a boy name and a girl name that we agree on. So, good to know that this child won't be coming home naked or nameless.


  1. I think you're two weeks ahead of me babywise and preparation wise! Isn't it funny how with the 3rd the "preparing" just kind of falls into what's practical? Can't wait to "meet" your little one!

    1. I agree! And I am feeling very much on top of things today as I got a few things together that were around the house AND I washed our bin of gender neutral clothes! I haven't been sleeping well at night and all I can think of is everything I need to get done. My hope is that if I get it done I will sleep, right?

  2. I love love love that outfit!! I can't wait to see your little one!! So exciting! Before Megan was born, I did about the same. I think we set up her pack and play a week before she was born. I just figured I would have plenty of time later! All they need is love anyhow right? :+)

  3. I was just wondering when you were due and I thought it was pretty soon! Exciting! I'm sure by the third it's all pretty easy and there's not much preparation. What's one more kid around the house?!? LOL!