Monday, January 6, 2014


Hi! Welcome to my new home! I hope that you feel comfortable here and enjoy your stay! I have brought over lots of great projects from my old blog Bowl of Cherrys, but there are still lots of good ones over there. I plan for this space to be full of inspiration and creative projects. So grab a cuppa and make yourself at home.
I have designed in six main categories for organizing my posts. You can see the tabs above and off to the right side. The Shop tab takes you to my Etsy store. The Sew tab contains all of my posts that are sewing related. The Craft tab will bring you all of my posts that deal with crafting. My Foodie Friday posts or any other posts that have to do with cooking and baking are under the Cook tab. The Live tab is more of a catch all category. It will have posts dealing with our home, fashion, and just our day-to-day lives. And the Parent tab covers, you guessed it, parenting items, such as children's activities.
I hope that this blog can be a space where you are able to find creative inspiration and a glimpse of my personality and life. It is great to have you here!


  1. Updated in my feed! Congrats on the move - the blog consolidation stuff can be such a headache, hope it was smooth for you!

  2. Catching up and just added this one to my list! Pretty header!