Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Homemade Snowflake Window Clings

After seeing this Pinterest image, I wanted to give it a try on our six pane front windows.
image source: A Small Measure
And then the worlds aligned and I also came across this pin for creating your own window clings with puffy paint.
image source: Club Chica Circle
So, with white puffy paint from JoAnn in hand, I printed off the snowflake template and placed some wax paper on top. My first attempt didn't work out all that well, due to the paint not being quite mixed up yet.
But Mr. Cherry jumped on the job and quickly made three nice snowflakes. We allowed them to dry for about 3 hours and then attempted to peel them off the wax paper without breaking them. They don't release all that easily, but if you take your time, they will eventually come off.
We also found that the more delicate designs were a but too crowded. Our paint ended up running together, so we simplified the patterns. However, once we had them off of the wax paper, they did stay up on the windows. Some of ours have been on the window since before Christmas even in this freezing weather.
While we have plenty of snow outside, I really like wintery accent that they create. They look great from the inside or out. I would actually like to make a few more, but we will see when I want to attempt it again.

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