Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Winter Pick-Me-Up

Last weekend we had a small reprieve from winter and it felt wonderful! The hubby and I were discussing how nice it was to go out without the need for gloves and hats. That's what 40 degrees will do for those of us from up north.

This week we are back to cooler temperatures and blizzard warnings. And since it will be a bit before spring hits these parts, Peachy and I sat down to create a little bright spot for our wintery days.

It all started with an empty egg carton on the counter. I gathered up some popsicle sticks, muffin liners, construction paper, and glitter glue. We painted the egg carton with some acrylic paint, cut our leaves from paper, and had fun creating 12 different, but equally cheery flowers.
Its nice to have a bright spot in our day.

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