Thursday, January 9, 2014

Things That Go Bump In the Night

Two nights ago, we had a bit of an interesting night that consisted of two unrelated, but unusual events. The first item of interest happened when my husband and I were still up, but the girls were sleeping for the night. We were sitting in the living room, actually looking at a baby name site on my Nexus. All of a sudden we heard one loud noise quickly followed by another. We are talking noises that can only be described as close fireworks or gunfire. We tried to check things out and really couldn't discern what had happened. It was enough to shake a person up, but there really wasn't much else that we could do.
We headed for bed and after a few hours of sleep were awoken with other unusual noises. I woke up around midnight to see my husband holding the monitor for the girls' room and quickly realized there was music coming from the audio feed. I knew instantly that the alarm clock/noise machine we use in their room had inadvertently been set. While my husband was trying to figure out what song was playing, I went down and turned the alarm off all while the girls snored on. When I came up I was able to tell him "Boots With the Fur." Ha! What a song to have playing in your little girls' room at midnight.
We were able to get back to sleep after that disruption and in the morning, my husband figured out what the first set of loud noises were. Not fireworks. Not gunfire. Nope, two cans of carbonated water in our garage had frozen enough to explode. It is a good thing we didn't call the police over it!
So if you are looking for some good pranks to pull on anyone, there are some ideas for you!

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