Thursday, January 16, 2014

January Etsy Love

As a small business owner, I know how every little sale can make a difference. Because of this, I would like to take some time each month to share some Etsy businesses with you. In my opinion, nothing mass-produced can really compare to something that has been handmade. I am a strong believer in handmade and small business!
All of this month's featured shops are shops that laced orders from at Christmas. Each of their products were delivered to my complete expectations and the customer service of each was also great. Another great thing about all of this month's shops, is that they have items that would all make excellent Valentine's Day gifts.
1) ripeshop: I ordered several of the lip balms from Adriana as parts of Christmas gifts. I loved all of the unique "flavors" to choose from. I had fun picking out special flavors for special people. (I even ordered the chocolate covered bacon.) While I didn't order one for myself, I have heard from many recipients that they love their lip balms.
2) isewcute: My 8 year old neice was the recipient of one of June's handmade resin necklaces. She loved it and so did I. June was even kind enough to include a hand drawn card to go along with the gift. I went with a personalized initial necklace, but wouldn't that cupcake one make a great gift for a little valentine?
3) seventhtree soaps: (This shop is currently on vacation until January 20. Also note, this shop is based out of Australia, so allow extra shipping time.) These fun soaps come in great shapes and scents. I had fun picking out a sampler set and I also snagged one of those owls. And while it wasn't why I chose the product, they are all natural.
4) Manly Soaps: For that hard to buy for man, why not get soap made out of beer? Genius! I had fun giving these to lots of the men in our family. I was sorry to see that they currently don't have much in stock. At Christmas they had several different beer varieties!


  1. Perfect post! I was going ask where you got the lip balm you gave me. I LOVE it more than any other I've ever used. My lips have remained smoother than ever despite the wicked winter weather.

    L loves her necklace and I think it's perfect for her.

    I have to admit I haven't used my soap yet because it's so pretty but I will.

    Thanks for sharing. You should have these etsy links more often for the rest of us retail shoppers who'd love to do more etsy shopping but aren't that cool (yet).

    1. I am happy to share! (And to help you be cool!) So glad that you enjoyed your gifts!

  2. Awesome!! Thank you so much for including my shop (RIPE). I have fun coming up with new flavors and love to hear good feedback from my wonderful customers and gift recipients. Thank you!!

  3. Adriana, you are more than welcome. Like I said, I didn't think ahead enough to order one for myself, but everyone I gave them to love them. I will have to get on that. Thanks for making a great product!