Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Weekend in the Rearview

This little girl has gotten into projecting like her older sister. I love the tongue out for determination.
So, I meant to get this posted Monday, but yesterday came and went and now today is getting there too. At least I am not sitting around bored looking for things to do!
Of course this is the face she makes when she realizes her picture is being taken.
This weekend was totally chill. We didn't have plans outside of going to church Sunday morning and a hockey game Sunday night.
I finally got to make some meals to take to a couple of other families. And of course some for us, too.
Well, it was a blizzard here, so we didn't even do either of those.
I love this age where doing something as simple as sorting the recycling makes the girls happy.

Just being home as a family can be so nice. We "slept in" both mornings and ate all three meals as a family. The girls played and the adults rested, played, and got a few things done.
They actually got sad the last time their daddy did it without them.

I have decided that these last few weeks have been about teaching me to enjoy the little everyday blessings in life.
Finishing an old project.
Our van has been out of commission, what a blessing it is to normally have two vehicles to rely on.
Snack lunch! Who doesn't love it?
A dear friend's one year old was hospitalized due to a random infection. What a blessing to only have to deal with colds and viruses. and to have the modern medicine to help our little sweet friend make a full recovery!
There was a natural gas shortage and we were asked to turn our heat down to 60.
This man always has lots to do on the computer and neither of the girls is very good at letting him get it done.
What a blessing that we can normally keep our home at whatever temperature we would like.
I got out the baby clothes and washed and folded them. Cream was asking whose they were. When I told her they were for the baby, she said, "Oh, the baby in your tummy." Makes me wonder what she really thinks is going on.
All too often I take these little blessings for granted. (There are so many!)
I sat down to do some cutting. Pattern cutting and a few other projects. I am weird, but I like to cut things out. It came in really handy as a preschool teacher.
I thank the Lord that we have all of the modern comforts that come from living in a country so blessed.
Peachy dug out all of the toy cell phones and was making sure that we all had one. She had really good customer service, too.
We are one blessed family!

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